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Thread: discreet Plastic pants?

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    Default discreet Plastic pants?

    Hi everyone, I hope y'all excited for Xmas

    So I have AIO dependeco diapers that I use every now and then because I'm not sure if they could leak and I'm outside whatever so when I use them, is used them in bed. I only wet them.
    I was wondering about plastic pants to use over them to be more reassured. (like when I'm sitting on the couch and wet too much or if I'm outside my house)
    I wonder if there is a type of plastic pants but make of another fabric less crinkly and softer maybe?
    I usually order diapers from saveexpress but it's in German and I found it hard to figure out the plastic pants section.

    If you know some brands, types, where to get them and if they are also cute I will much appreciate it.
    Why not just regular plastic pants?: well cause they are too loud and I know my wife gets bother to feel plastic fabric as a diaper.

    Thanks in advance

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    If noise is your main worry avoid plastic altogether. Go for rubber or, like me, waterproof nylon. Nylon is light, soft and quiet.

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    Thank you! I will try to find those around.
    Also, I like my aio dependeco diapers but the edges of the velcros scratches and can hurt me if I run my hand/arm (and. My wife's as well) over it during the night

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    @couchesstevenboy : try Suprima PVC

    m/1976/Switzerland, Schweiz, Oberer Zürichsee, Upper Zurichsee

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    I prefer the second 1218
    first is only for inlays, third I'm not sure, and last one has something like plastic inside (I think)

    m/1976/Switzerland, Schweiz, Oberer Zürichsee, Upper Zurichsee

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    Great info thanks a lot!!!!
    I live in Switzerland too by the way

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    cool... where?

    m/1976/Switzerland, Schweiz, Oberer Zürichsee, Upper Zurichsee

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    Try the Dependeco pull on PUL pants. They work well for me.

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    Kins Softies vinyl pants, product no. 10300V are very quiet and completely discrete under clothing. Happy shopping!

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