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    I admit to having a day of frustration.
    Last night a damn drunk ran over my mailbox and destroyed it.
    With my younger brother severely visually impaired, I, Cerebral Palsy and Autism guy has to fix the mess.
    I have a new mailbox, mailbox pole.
    I have dug around the old mailbox pole stump.
    The steel sub-pole is okay.
    The trouble, is that my cordless drill died.
    Therefore, I can not finish assembling the mailbox onto the new post.
    Yes, I had an Autistic Temper-Tantrum "Meltdown".
    Anyway, I have to finish the unexpected necessary home repair tomorrow.

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    I live on a road that is fairly well traveled and on a curve. When we get snow, my mailbox is often hit. The last time it was hit the people were honest. They told me they hit it and they came back and replaced it. Some people are good and some aren't and it's not hard to tell the difference.

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    Unfortunate. We live on a straight street, but near enough to an intersection that every once in a while someone takes the turn too fast and spins out into an old maple in our yard. The maple always wins.

    My cordless drill was recalled last year. I took it in for a new one. They didn't want the old battery or charger, so now I have one drill with two batteries. I always have the spare fully charged. No need for tantrums anymore. At least not about the drill....

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    I had 3 cheap drills and could never finish a project with them due to their bad batteries. I broke down earlier this year and bought myself a nice Milwaukee set with a hammer drill and an impact driver. Funny thing is I had been looking at a set in the store. I happened to go online to show somebody the set and noticed another set for a penny more right below it that had the hammer drill instead of a regular drill and also a Bluetooth speaker with a battery for it along with everything the set in the store had. I ordered the set online and had it shipped to the store for free.

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