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    well my mother being the stupid idiot she is, decided to send me to take my brother to primary school.

    So I'm in a 70 degree room all day, than I'm waiting in the boiling hot sun, to take my brother to school, I'm so dehydrated come back, accidently almost collpase and accidently made a glass fly across the room because I almost collapsed and lost balance. (long story short, went to put change on the bench, temporally lost blanace and conenctartion, and in the process somehow made a glass slide and break.

    Than she wants to send me to the shop, fuck this I'm like about to collapse right now. I don't think she understands that I've had heat exaushtion twice already.

    like literally almost just fell face first onto my face and almost collapsed, I'm not well and she makes me do all this shit in a 40 degree day.

    Fuck this is going to kill me.

    Since it's going to take some time for the mods to close my account, I'm going to at least start a few threads.

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    I don't understand why you don't just tell her no?

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    Quote Originally Posted by brabbit1987 View Post
    I don't understand why you don't just tell her no?
    she is a controlling bitch, there is no winning with her, she is the type of person, where if I were to vomit out blood again, or end up collapsing, I would be "faking it".

    If I don't do it, she threatens me with homelessness or gets my dad to abuse me... so there is that, practically like i said the other day, gun to the head scenario

    like I literally cannot sit down for five fucking minutes without he fucking calling my name, to do fucking stupid things because she is so fucking lazy to get off her arse. The shop is literally across the road, there is no reason for HER to do it herself.

    Like fuck, it gets so annoying, I go over 6-10 times A DAY, just to get her a couple cans of coca-cola It's a literal fucking joke.

    Sorry, I'm just pissed off. She wonders why I get pissed off, she doesn't seem to understand when you're cooking in a uninsulated room 24/7 without sleep, being sent to the shop 6 times a day is so fucking annoying. Yet she is in a fucking airconiditoned room 24/7 wasting all the power on her shitty little aircon which mind you chews so much power that it actually is visible, you can see every single light in the house dim as soon as she puts it on.

    sorry, this heat is killing me.

    Because we all know, the doctors are all in the conspiracy of me being unwell, and needing blood tests and all. I'm thinking of joining a friend and becoming a content producer.
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    Take my advice - get out of there.

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    Yeah, is there anyone you can go and live with? Are there stores with air conditioning you could spend all day in? My wife and I did that when we were without electricity for 7 days and the temp was 100 f. every day. It was after a big storm that devastated our area.

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    I'd leave, to be honest you may be better off for it. Pack essentials, leave when no one's watching. Leave a note that explains why you've left. Also be sure those essentials of yours are copies of your birth certificate and other important information. if you can't take your pc, back up your important info and wipe it. Make those kids of plans, living in a 158F room sounds horrible. The point where 104F (outside) is cooler than in your room, you know you gotta go.

    Granted I don't know everything about what you go through and stuff. If it were me going through that stuff, I'd pack up and leave. That's just me though. You can only decide what's best.

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