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    Lightbulb Feeling "Normal"

    I don't tend to put a lot of stock in feeling normal. It seems like I'm always a little on the outs and realistically, it's probably true in this situation or I'd be too busy to type. Still, I'm at a very nice ABDL gathering and I'm struck by how good it feels that the stuff we keep hidden or at least discreetly sequestered can become the norm depending in the company you keep.

    I've had a bug smile on my face for a lot of this seeing so many of my fellow oddballs getting to socialize in a venue where this isn't just tolerated but celebrated. "O brave new world that has such people in it."

    Have you gotten to feel right in yourself and the world? What did it for you?
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    Hi Trevor. So what is your definition of normal?

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    Quote Originally Posted by babymt View Post
    Hi Trevor. So what is your definition of normal?
    It's an overused word and I think we often forget that it's highly situational. The most objective norms are that we eat and excrete, act and react, etc. Beyond those very basic things, it all depends on the situation and the company we keep. Unfortunately, the tendency is to believe that the norms we're familiar with are somehow universal, which can lead to anxiety when we're at odds with them.

    In this case, I'd define normal as being substantially in sync with the group or situation you're in. The inspiration for the thread was noting how unusual it is to be in a situation where my ABDL side is the norm. It's not unusual for me to socialize with ABDLs these days but to be at a party with 20+ of them, mostly without pants, having a great evening is still pretty special. It's a particular kind of normal that is still exciting and worthy of note to me.

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    I get it. I mean, I truly get what you are trying to say.

    What is normal anyhow? Well, it is defined as what is commonly accepted and practiced among a common group of people.

    While I have not yet been at a physical gathering of ABDLs or littles, being here on ADISC is at least a virtual form of gathering. And it feels so good to be among others who share in the same interests. However, interestingly enough, I just place my own post before seeing yours about self esteem and being ABDL in the mature topics forum. For me, this has a lot to do with what you are pointing out here.

    For me, even if the common society does not see ABDLism as "normal", I truly believe those who do have these interests are not "abnormal" but rather, "above normal". It is something we should feel happy that we share in as I truly believe those who are little can see the world in a much more clearer light than those who have been lost in the adult world of everything.

    I love the power of words that are shared in the movie, "The Incredibles".

    Jack Jack is the only "normal" one, and he isn't even toilet trained yet!!!! (then as Dash so innocently states, Lucky!)

    Teddy Bear Cowboy

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    Yes, Trevor, I have had such an experience. I just spent MFF with some of my Little friends. I was diapered the whole weekend and so was one of the others. It just felt so good to talk openly about it around them. I didn't have to hide anything. In that way, being in a diaper felt "normal", and it really felt nice.

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    I used to be Norman then I grew down a bit. Norman doesn't really truly exist anyways IMDO. But what did it for me? I think the desire to love others had to be precipitated by developing a love for myself first. So now I'm doing some life rebuilding and exploring new relationships and I think I now feel this renewed sense of self as a result of just accepting who I really am. By the way Norman I just stole from Rugrats- a favorite cartoon of mine.

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