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    Cool caregiver trubels

    OK yes I know at least I've got a caregiver looking after me. And we live together so it more than the online ones.

    But since my paddy has come back he has got much more stricter with me.

    I have to tell him where I am going and what i am doing.

    And to day he said I need to tiy my room.

    But its my room, I don't won't to and no fair!.

    How much do I push it? I know he not going to put me over his over his knee.or anything like that but if i go to far, I will probably end up on the naughty step.

    I wonder if he would they take Peter Rabbit off me, until I tidy up?

    And if I do tidy up could there be atreat.

    What the best way of getting a treat for doing as i am told and pushing it so i get lots of attention.

    It's not easy being a little sometimes.

    Any thoughts guys.


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    Asking why might work, just a thought.

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    ask him if he will help you then spend the whole time asking silly questions.. that way you're doing it so you get your treat but you're also pushing it heheh :P I do what I'm told (sometimes) but you gotta ask silly questions and say but why every two minutes while doing it or you wouldn't be a toddler!

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    Yeah these are the kind of thing I find my self doing and some of them I don't need to be in Little space over.

    Delaying biy finding something else to do first.

    Pretending you don't know how to do a certain task and asking to be shown.
    "I don't know how to?"

    Deny everything.
    " it wasn't me!" And "it's not my fault!"
    Then blaming one of the stuffies.

    Only doing harf the job then declaring you have finished.

    Stopping to re-negotiate the treat.
    "If I do this then maybe we can. ..... or maybe I can .....
    As well as ......."

    And there is strategy forward avoidance.
    "But you do it so much better than me."

    Going into a sock "I not being a brat! That no Fair! (Through down what ever is in your hand, stamp food and glare with bottem lip out)
    Side note. You might get told how sweet or how adorable you look. And your hair rufeld I fold that is a trigger for me and I will instantly regress further.

    All this with "Yes but why?" "Do I have to?".

    Hee, hee, hee.



    P's caregiving us Little ones is fun because we have oh the intellect of the adult and the heart of a child.

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