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Thread: What's in your diaper bag?

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    Default What's in your diaper bag?

    Good morning all.

    In response to a reply on a previous thread, here it is, the "What's in your diaper bag?" thread.

    Me personally I carry a fisher-price fast finder backpack style bag. In it is the usual suspects.

    Every morning it gets stocked with 5 to 6 diapers (usually a little paws or space, and my day time diapers cushies/SDK and recently play school plastic if I'm having a lighter day)

    Pampers baby fresh wipes in the wipe compartment, J and J baby powder, J and J baby cream (the pink tube)

    Diaper sacks, a change of pants and socks, hand sanitizer, and a few other odds and ends like waterproof mat, plastic pants, a phone charger.

    The neat item in there was an idea I had that works really well. Take an old sock and put about half a cup of downy unstoppables in it and tie the end closed. Leave it in the bottom of your bag. It keeps your bag smelling nice and fresh and the diapers pick up the scent through out the day. Pretty clever if you ask me.

    So... What's in your diaper bag?

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    Well, for my diaper bag I use a tactical day pack(tan color). Looks inconspicuous enough, has plenty of room, rugged construction and has straps across the outside for attaching additional pouches.
    Most everything in my bag is also kept in Ziplocs for freshness, just in case it spills, I set my bag in something or it suddenly decides to rain :P

    A day before I need to leave the house I make sure its stocked with 2 Abena M4s and 2 ABU Simples(more of either if I feel it's needed) and some boosters for the M4s.

    A good supply of Huggies wipes is topped off and I check that I have the jumbo sized adult wipes stowed away as well.

    Baby powder(Calming Lavender&chamomile), diaper creams and ointments, disposable gloves, disposal bags(black shopping bags and large white thick Ziploc bags),
    spare pants/shorts and spare socks, hand sanitizer, a small first aid kit, multi-tool, facial tissues, pen and mini-notebook,
    a small powerbank and charger for my phone.

    I also keep a small "over the door" hanging hook to hang my bag if I need to change in a bathroom stall and the floor is gross.

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    I just use my Nike back pack and put everything in a separate pouch. Diapers, wipes, powder, some creams, maybe some baggies. That's about it. Seems boring but that's just me :3

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    Diapers and booster pads and a change of pants in case of a leak.

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    I generally don't wear out long enough to need a change. So I'll just go out in a diaper, bagless. Crazy, I know. If I'm really out for a while, I'll take a few wipes, a ziplock bag, and a spare diaper and that's the whole set.

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    I have a messenger bag that I keep at least three spare diapers in(one more than I usually need, plus one in case it tears or a tape rips mid change) and if I'm going to be out a while I'll keep a spare booster too.

    In the secondary compartment I keep wipes, powder, and some plastic bags for disposal. And in the zipper-pouch on the front I'll take mine and my wife's phone chargers and various items we might need for the day, it's just convenient to keep it in the same bag, lol

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    I have a special turtle suitcase for little time, and a small bag I can put in a regular backpack.

    Turtle suitcase:
    Attachment 28093
    It has my babyfur badge attached to it X3

    - Pocket:
    Rash Cream
    Baby Powder

    - Main:
    1x ABU Littlepawz
    1x ABU Preschool, cloth backed
    1x Comficare M10
    2x Molicare Super Plus
    2x Abena Boosters
    2x Goodnites Tru-Fit Underwear
    6x Goodnites Tru-Fit Inserts
    1x White underwear to put over a diaper
    5x Formedica Pads, in a bag
    1x Plastic pants

    Small Black Bag:
    Attachment 28094
    Attachment 28096

    1x Comficare M10
    1x Molicare Super Plus
    1x Small bag of wipes
    1x Plastic pants
    1x Trash bag

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