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Thread: diaper with the best plastic covering?

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    Default diaper with the best plastic covering?

    what is the diaper with the best outer covering..i think the worst is attends and the best is abena m4. What you guys think?

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    XPMedical's Absorbency plus is the softest plastic. Not sure if that qualifies as best, but it has my vote.

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    Quote Originally Posted by landingxray View Post
    what is the diaper with the best outer covering..
    I suppose that depends on what sort of shell you like? I suppose I'd include the tape panel in the category, but not front/rear elastic. If "softest without being too delicate and tearing easily" is specifically what you're looking for, I think I'd have to call BetterDry (also used by Crinklz) for that. BetterDry has no hard tape panel, and also has really stretchy front and rear elastic which I think helps improve the soft feel of the front shell since it's not being pulled so taught, giving the shell a more spongy feel that I like, in addition to being soft and smooth.

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    To me the worst were Abena Abri-Form X-Plus and Dry 24/7s. They felt like shower curtain liners. Not just the plastic either, the diapers were far too stiff.

    Fabine are the nicest, but they have weird bumps along the back sometimes that I think are caused by the SAP crystals digging into the plastic during compression. Those areas almost feel like fine grit sandpaper.

    Over the years, several Bambino batches have felt perfect. But every case order is of a different quality, and I've had some that were almost the worst too. I've also had one case where the Bellissimos would split down the middle on the back just by touching them. I had to apply clear box tape along the middle of every diaper in that batch. That was one of the softest feeling batches too.

    ABU falls right in the middle.

    I think there's a trade-off. Thinner plastic feels much nicer on the fingers, but rips and tears much easier.

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    You are so right about the dry 24/7!!! They are shower curtains!!!!

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    I'm very interested as to how this thread pans out. The stiff/compact padding/shower curtain diapers are things I tend to steer far, far away from.

    The fluffier and the crinklier the better. Any thoughts on Rearz? Or, id Slip? Or adding a stuffer to a softer brand like attends?

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    So far attends are like trash bags, absorbency plus is the softest, and abena are ok, dry 24/7 literally feels like a cheap shower curtain

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    Personally, I like the feel of the plastic on Attends with Waistband. It's the rest of the diaper that's no good. The plastic on SDKs and Cushies pre 2.0 was also very good. The tendency these days seems to be moving toward thicker or more rubbery feeling plastic, which means less crinkle. As long as it's not like the plastic on Secure Plus (similar feel to Tyvek), I can handle it but overall I prefer smoother and more crinkly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by landingxray View Post
    You are so right about the dry 24/7!!! They are shower curtains!!!!
    You're going to get that with any thick PVC shell though. At least you don't have to worry about pinhole leaks or a tape ripping the shell etc

    There are lots of diapers on the other end of the spectrum. Right now I think I'd have to vote betterdry for having the softest feel. For them it's more than just a soft shell, the padding underneath the shell is also very soft, so the two combine to make an incredibly soft feel.

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