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Thread: Any Star Wars Fans Planning To Go See Rogue One

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    Default Any Star Wars Fans Planning To Go See Rogue One

    Ive bought my tickets to go see Rogue One opening night..before they sold out.

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    Are you offering a free ticket, soft drink, popcorn and Cushies to go and see it with you?

    Sorry couldn't help it...

    DEFINITELY planning on seeing it, not that I have seen a trailer or have a clue what it's going to be about.

    Unsure when I will get to it, would prefer a 10am session with hopefully less people, not going to the midnight screening which we were offered to attend with some aquaintances.

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    Sorry but I only have 2 tickets.Im going to see it at 7:30 only because I get paid that day and have to pay stuff and still go get my outfit.I already know the theater is going to be so packed so im hoping to get done with everything early so i can get popcorn and soda before someone takes my seats.

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    I'll be watching Rouge One when it comes out on Blu-Ray. I can't afford to see it in theatres.

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    From the trailers and commercials I've seen, it looks awesome. It's amazing how last year's "The Force Awakens,' followed by 'Rogue One' can almost make me forget those dreadful, deplorable prequel movies. Almost!

    I'll probably see it sometime between Christmas and New Year's.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SallyJayy View Post
    Sorry but I only have 2 tickets
    Ooh just did a quick read of your profile, hope it's your fiancÚ you are taking along with you and of course that leads to CONGRATULATIONS, December 2016 not only has Star Wars & Christmas but a wedding as well!

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    Ill watch it when it comes out on the movie app i have

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    Yes it is him im taking.Thank you for the congratulations we didnt get many of those from his side of the family because were to young.

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    I don't know if I really like seeing movies on opening night. And I haven't been to a movie theater in a while, so I'll probably wait a few months to see it at home.

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