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    I think I have a footie pajama fetish I have 20 footie pajamas and I have one question why do I have the desire to wear pink bunny footie pajamas lately I had to buy one on eBay and I can't stop wearing it is this normal? If I'm a streight guy

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    Why wouldn't it be? Sexuality is a very normal part of our human nature. Many psychology papers have been written on fetishes, and most have concluded that any object that can increase or otherwise enhance our sexual drive is a good thing. Of course this doesn't apply to anything that can physically or emotionally harm us or others.

    If a footed sleeper is what turns you on, and pink does too right now, then why not go for them. I say embrace it, and have fun.

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    I studied fetishes and a connection with the autism spectrum and have had fun with many of them, at the moment I am wearing a diaper and LG dress and wig. As long as it does no one any damage there is no harm. Have fun with it.

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    I wouldn't worry about it whatever makes you feel good go with it. It's not going to do you any harm so just enjoy it.

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    Their are a lot of str8 cross dressers..... I started the same way.. Started slowly with my fisrt pair of pink onies then ones with girly prints. Then I got my first dress

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