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Thread: Tips to minimize leaks

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    Default Tips to minimize leaks

    When I wear, I try to be discrete about it and find I fit well in the L-XL goodnites since they are thin and not noisy at all. I do not wet them unless I have no other choice and try to minimize the amount.

    Now for the issue that some of you might have an idea for is that for me, the leg gathers are not enough to help keep it in the goodnite often. Its gapped a bit because I am locked in a chastity tube 24/7 and the extra bulk there causes the gap to be more pronounced.

    So, is there a solution that might help, perhaps a brand or modification that fits the criteria of being discrete and silent and does not have to accommodate a heavy soak, as that might make the solution easier for those in the know.

    First real post here, Hope i haven't messed up any rules, and thanks.

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    Goodnites are not made to properly fit adults, not even if you only weight 125. If you are serious about not getting leaks then you need to use adult pullups or diapers.

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    Since you're already okay with pull-ups and clothlike covers, I'd suggest something like: Pull-ups in general are pretty terrible but these are almost okay.

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    I second this. I've also heard northshore pullps suck the least.

    I also wanted to point out that a thin diaper that has leaked is WAY more noticeable than a thick one that has done its job.

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    adult sizes are the only option really. you could try sleep overs if you want to stick with child sizes, otherwise i would recomend the above pullups, or a thin cloth backed diaper.

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    Or maybe stick with the Goodnights and wear plastic or PUL pants over them for leak protection

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    Goodnights leak even on children. They have a poor reputation for keeping one dry. I wear them at night, but I wear a thick, night weight cloth diaper and plastic pants. I never leak with that combination. Of course, it's not discreet, but I don't need to be discreet in my own home.

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    Honestly, I have to echo the chorus of trying something else. Most diapers are actually pretty discrete, only the super thick ones that are specifically designed as ABDL playtime diapers are really noticeable, and even then not really. Try Tenas or abenas perhaps.

    Besides changing diapers (ha!), the main thing is to pee slowly rather than flood, and make sure you're pointing down and more or less central in the diaper. That's the best position for absorption at least.

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    The trick to making Goodnites work is to make sure the leak barriers are positioned correctly around your junk before you even think about wetting. I run my thumbs along them to make sure they're in the right place. You have to wet them slowly, as has already been mentioned-no flooding. I'm 150lbs and can make L/XL Goodnites work as long as I'm careful. Of course, your chastity tube thing (I guess I should have Googled that) may make Goodnites unusable for you.

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    Since I don't live in the U.S. and can't get those brands easily without paying export taxes, The only real tips for preventing leaks are the following.

    1. Buy yourself a more absorbent diaper and tighten it up as much as possible to contain any leakage of urine that may occur.

    2. Double up or tripple up on diapers as this will provide a extra level of insurance should the worst happen.

    3. Make sure the diapers you buy are the right size too big or too small can cause a major problem and make sure the diapers you buy are meant for the right amount of absorbancy because it also makes the world of difference.

    4. Wear plastic pants if possible to contain any leakages that may escape from the leg gathers.

    Yours sincerely

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