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    Have any of you used liquid baby powder? Dollar Tree stores sell "Angel of Mine" liquid baby powder, regular baby powder, cornstarch baby powder, Baby Room air freshener and other baby products for only one dollar each. That's a big savings over J&J products.

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    I've never even heard of liquid baby powder! Sounds a bit counterproductive doesn't it?

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    I get most of my regular "supplies" at wall-mart. Their in-house pharm brand is TopCare, and they sell generic talc, corn starch, lotion, etc for half of what the J&J goes for, and I can't really notice any difference.

    I also swung by the dollar tree recently to grab a can of Angel of Mine air freshener, someone here said it had the perfect diaper smell. When initially sprayed it's a little off, but given just a little time to dissipate and the room smells great! I also picked up some talc, it was a buck for a 14oz bottle, which is about 1/2 the capacity of the big topcare/J&J bottles. iirc wal-mart gets about $2 for them, so the price is about the same.

    But as for this "liquid baby powder"... what is it? is it like a fast-evaporating spray or lotion that leaves behind a powdery residue? Or is it more like a regular lotion, or oil?

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    A long time ago there was a Huggies brand of liquid baby powder. It was like hand lotion, white in color. The liquid evaporated quickly after you rubbed it onto your body and the powder remains were almost invisible. I bought 2 bottles of it and thought it worked very nicely, but it was discontinued at least 5 years ago. I have just a bit left in a bottle and I use it only on very special occasions.

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    I've used the Angel of Mine liquid baby powder. I bought it when I saw it at a Dollar Store - it was only a dollar so it was worth a try! It's basically a liquid with baby powder inside that you apply to your skin. When the liquid evaporates, a layer of powder is left behind. I liked it to apply over my diaper area since I'm smooth, leaving a nice thin layer of powder. It has a nice smell to it too!

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