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Thread: Cloth-backed diapers leaking

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    Default Cloth-backed diapers leaking

    I've recently started wearing again on an intermittent basis, and I am finding it impossible to wet lying down on my side without leaking and wetting my bed in the process. I am currently wearing Walgreens Certainty/CVS cloth-backed diapers.

    How do I deal with this?

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    "don't do it". Probably not the answer you were looking for, but disposables are never going to perform well when side sleeping. If you need to wet while laying on your side, cloth is your best option. You can try to bulk up with disposable and will get some improvements if you tweak how you do it, but it'll never be reliable. Point down, make sure there's a good pocket in the front, get a diaper with thick padding that has good wicking but also sap, insist on good leak guards, fasten your tapes tight, attach the lower ones to seal around your leg not around your waist. If you don't wet a lot, that might be enough, but you'll probably still leak occasionally.

    If you're wetting while asleep, you may just need to adjust to laying on your back. If you're waking to wet, roll over on your back, wet, wait a bit, then return to your side to get back to sleep. (that's what I do)

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    you just can't wet on side or back with the cirtainty briefs, no leak guards, thin padding, just won't work. if side wetting is an essential, cloth prefold is your best option, otherwise, would recommend tranquility atn as a reasonably low cost alternative.

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    While the majority of my stock is plastic backed, I do wear an occasional cloth backed and my problems are bleed through, I get dampness that goes through the front cover on some of the cloth backed, the main offender is north shore supreme cloth

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    The new molicare comfort supers are good if you can buy them off line.

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    Cloth backed diapers are generally terrible, they leak, stretch and generally do things you don't want a diaper to do.


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