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Thread: Back yet again after a personal scare...

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    Default Back yet again after a personal scare...

    Hello again. Yes, I'm back. It's surprising to me, since I didn't think I was coming back. Shucks, I missed you all too much - binky, caitianx, moo - everyone.

    I just got a new job at a church I'd been substituting as organist for here where I live. They really scrutinized and put me under a microscope when I was being hired for the permanent organist position. Evidently, one of the church board members found either a post I'd put on my Facebook page, or one of my recent blogs.

    It caused some controversy at the church, since I had a rather prominent picture of myself wearing a diaper in both locations online. I was afraid my chances of being hired long-term were nearly screwed, so I went and performed a massive online purge of anything that I could think of that was out there online that might compromise me in any way.

    I even tried to delete my presence and profile here at ADISC. Fortunately, there are very clear restrictions and guidelines for doing so here at ADISC, so I still have my profile intact. Just now, I logged in for the first time here in some months, fleshed out my profile again, and uploaded new photos.

    While I still consider the people at my church "friends," I refuse to be intimidated by their scrutiny of me any longer. I wanted to post on Facebook and blog for the express intention of de-mystifying, de-criminalizing, and de-stigmatizing the whole concept of wearing diapers, whether it be for incontinence, or for purely psychological reasons, or even for enjoyment.

    Pardon my "French," but damn it all, I need diapers to manage my bladder incontinence (due to diabetic neuropathy). Moreover, I enjoy wearing diapers! I like how they feel, I like how they protect me from leaks and accidents, and I like how they fulfill my AB side that was so traumatized and abused when I was a little boy.

    I can no longer understand why people have to be so closed-minded and shocked about diapers and the people that wear them. It was personally very scary for me to have to defend and explain myself because I am a diaper-wearer.

    Well, enough of my ranting. It's great to be back again, and I promise I will try never to leave again. I missed you all terribly, and I will start posting regularly again and contributing here at ADISC. Thank you once again for your patience and understanding. Here's hoping we all have fun-filled and joyous, meaningful holidays this special time of year. Take care, and be safe.

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    Unfortunately this is why I have always used nickname online and never ever a face photo

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    Yeah, the only site I'm on is this one, and I'm the music director of a Methodist church, organist, keyboardist and more. I'm very, very careful about how I'm perceived. Church members can be the most judgmental people on the earth, so one has to be very careful. That's why I'm against telling anyone about this because we are misunderstood by almost everyone.

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