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Thread: Messing in diapers or underwear?

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    Question Messing in diapers or underwear?

    I mostly mess my diaper but will occasionally poop my pants with no diaper. There is certainly a noticeable difference between pooping your diaper and pooping your pants. Just curious what others prefer?

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    I do both but clean up is a lot easier with a diaper poop than a underwear poop as poop doesn't have a chance to make a quick exit though leg holes as it does if you poop boxer shorts

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    Ive never tried underwear, but may well try tonight. Would it be best to get some smaller Y front style pants though?

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    I have pooped a lot of underwear in my time, but I like diapers a lot more...

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    I don't do a lot of pooping because of the smell, but if I do then in my diaper. I like the feeling when I just let it happen and the poop just pushes its way in the diaper. I wish my poop would always be hard and not so soft....

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    I used to do it in my underwear before I discovered disposable diapers. Now it's a lot more convenient. Still, sometimes a nice "accident" in pants can spice up the day! It depends on the mood you're in.

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