I had a weird moment today, my dad was out and i thought my brother was asleep so I made myself a bottle of milk to ist in the living room with. My brother walks downstairs and i just managed to hide it in the cupboard, thankfully in one that he wouldn't see it in if he decided to have a snack.

I got upset with him not visually but I was cursing him when he left, thankfully my milk was still warm but I felt unnatural for hiding it so when I started to drink it, I started to wet my pants and not having diapers at the time I didn't know until I felt something wet dripping down my leg, thank god i was not sat down!!! I managed to stop it but then I started to wet again when I started washing up!

Thankfully I transferred my bottle upstairs by putting it in a tote shopping bag and pretending to take something to my room, I think my brother gave me a funny look but he may of been busy transporting his stuff downstairs as he is moving out tommorow.