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    Hello, good evening, etc. insomniac here.

    My name is Reaper, and... I'm a manbaby.

    I'm a pretty standard model. I love diesel trucks, black coffee and metal music.

    Little-me is extremely loving, playful and shy. I have a British Daddy Dom who watches over me and on occasion, makes me do embarrassing things. Being "little" is an excuse for me to love someone unconditionally without societal stipulation. Diapers magnify that effect.

    Large-me works roadside assistance at the moment. Basically, if you have a flat tire on the side of an expressway, someone like me is dispatched out to help you. I'm studying to be an electrician. I have a passion for engineering projects; only I'm on a shoestring budget. Martial arts and music production are also hot-button topics for me. And pizza.

    I've been around in AB/DL communities online for a few years or so and have yet to make a stop here. I'm always game to make more friends so... Happy to meet you!
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    Nice introduction.

    Engineering projects... low budget. MacGyver in other words. (a U.S. TV show if you're not aware)


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