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    This is my diaper collection, and it's pretty big for having to hide every single diaper I own. As you may have noticed I keep my dialers in two suitcases that stay in the top of my closet. I have had these suitcases empty in the top of my closet for as long as I can remember and everyone who has seen in my closet knows there there and does not touch them. Another good hiding spot is behind the books in my room, this is for when I had a smaller stash. First I would clear out the books.
    Then I would lay the dialers along the back of the shelf like so,
    And yes I know that I am quite the avid reader, that is one of three bookshelfs.

    Another place is behind canvas paintings. NEVER hide diapers under your mattress. You WILL get caught. Leave some ideas of your great hiding spots in the comments!

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    Both of those are great hiding places. I have used an extra backpack as a hiding place before as I usually have one or two in my closet. Another place I have used is the empty space underneath my dresser, which can hold about one bag or a little less of ABU diapers. The most creative spot I used was a used shipping box that I labeled spare parts for my game consoles and had that box in the closet as it matched my other boxes in the closet.

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    All of these spots are pretty good! Maybe it can help some noobies in the community.

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    i have an IKEA bookshelf/ drawer thing that has a cavity underneath, used a hacksaw blade to cut the pins and turned it into a small hiding place.

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