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Thread: My Friend Found My Sippy Cups!

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    Default My Friend Found My Sippy Cups!

    So, I'm a girl, and a little. I have kept it a big secret for about 5 to 7-ish years now, and a friend of mine finally found my stash of sippys, paccies, and other baby supplies. She totally took it fine, saying that everybody has their kinks, and that she thought it was actually cute. I wasn't expecting that.

    I never really realized it, but I think I have a crush on her now. Maybe it's just cuz she accepted me so openly? I haven't told her! Please help, what do I do???

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    Hi LittleShadowbolt
    Be very carfull. Think you know you friend, is shy going to be cool with you telling her all about your Little side. Will she keep it to her self or is she likely to tell other people.

    It could go well for you, you could have a caregiver finger. And becouse she was cool over your sippy cups that is probably got your little side is thinking, if she cool over that will she be cool over the rest of it? will she play with me?

    But you have your Adult side, that says, that was a close one, lets never talk about that again not ever,

    So it comes down to how much do you trust your friend.

    All the best


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    I would not say anything unless your friend brings it up again, Then I would take it from there.

    Your friend may not care that you have this kink but that doesn't mean your friend would like to watch you use a pacifier or drink from a sippy cup.

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    Thats cool that she was cool with it. Well if she thought that it what cute you could ask if she would wanna be with you. Although i would be very careful with that question.

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    Take it as it comes. If you have a crush on her then may be worth finding out if she is gay/bi too (Though i guess as you are friends you may already know?). In terms of having a relationship i guess that's far more important than the kink? Lovely that she didnt mind though. I think more people don't mind than do?

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