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Thread: Thoughts on Melanie Martinez?

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    Default Thoughts on Melanie Martinez?

    So, Melanie, a lot of her songs, and her music videos have very baby-ish themes. In one of her newest video Pacify Her she actually has an adult play pen, and toys. She's not really an adult baby, or a little as far as I know, but I totally dig her videos and songs. In fact they sort of helped me to realize and come to terms with my own kinks, starting way back with her earlier videos she put on youtube.

    Even though she's not an adult baby, I think she is really cool. Her videos have this sort of dangerous, dark, mystic vibe to them that adds a whole new layer to being a little when applied. I can't really describe it.

    What do you guys think?

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    Personally, I don't like her style of music. What she's doing kinda looks like a stunt for attention so I don't exactly know how I feel about that.

    In all, my opinion of her is rather neutral.

    But if you like her by all means don't let me get in the way of that.

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    It was cool for one video but she needs to try something new.

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    I consider her the "personality dispenser" for the tumblr-tween assembly line.

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    my girlfriend likes her a lot, and we almost saw her live, but unfortunately we learned about the concert too late. she seems to be popular with a lot of tumblr littles. i think her music is alright, but it's just not my thing.

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    I have to admit... I'm a bit of a fan. Melanie's music is unconventional, bizarre and she cleverly used her appearances on The Voice to create a brand for herself. Her interviews are always very humble, and she talks about how she wanted pop music to tell sad and serious stories. She doesn't come out and say that she's trying to raise awareness about domestic abuse or drug use or sexual assault... but these are recurring themes in her music.

    Melanie collects vintage toys, something I bet a bunch of us can relate to. She uses the ones with music boxes and other sound effects as inspiration for beats in her songs. She has a Baby-Pants style pacifier, PVC clothing costumes, her DJ wears a Jumpin Jammerz sleeper and there's a giant crib as a stage piece. I am fairly certain that she is ABDL aware, if not just a really brave girl singing and dressing like she wants. She was definitely born with a lot of privilege and she might just be doing it for shock value, or as a way to live out her little fantasy and be famous at the same time?! Whatever her motives, she's doing well for herself and is making music that bucks the status quo, IMO. I like her a lot, and especially some of the remixes of her songs.

    It's fun to speculate about celebrities, or be inspired by them. I often wonder what it must be like to live your life out loud like Melanie, Miley... I remember the online community though the same about Mika at one point.

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    I'm not very into this, I see it bored, if not freaky

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    I think her music is hot garbage honestly. In her music videos though there is a lot of... Weirdness. She's straight up wearing plastic panties in several of the videos.

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