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Thread: Finding an old brand of diapers. . .

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    Default Finding an old brand of diapers. . .

    So as I've stated in this thread about mom letting me pick out the diapers I want when I was little. I vaguely remember making a post about this a long while ago but I'm not sure if I did or not.

    I'm trying to find that brand of diapers again. Nostalgia reasons. All I can remember though is what the packaging looked like and the rough year range they would have been around (And what store they came from of course.)

    The only way I can describe the package would have to be solid black with I think an image of a child playing on it. Scattered across the packaging was green, yellow, and various other colours (I think those were the colours, they were bright colours anyway) of little like dot/line things. This was likely a store brand, they were bought from Foodland and had to be around the 96-98 year range. Does this brand ring a bell with anyone? I've searched for quite a long time and can't seem to find them. I remember picking them out and saying "These are the most comfortable ones!" or something to that effect so for nostalgia reasons I'd love to get a hold of a pack. If anyone has any information let me know! I know I'll recognize the package if I were to see it so if anyone can find a picture of something similar to what I'm describing please link it!

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    I found something very similar from 1998. Those seem to be similar but not exact. The packaging is close to what I said in the sense of it's dark and has a pattern all over it, and its from the right year range but I vividly remember the package being black with colourful things all over it. . . Again if anyone has any idea at all what brand I could be talking about let me know.

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