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Thread: Shipping aussie supplies to New zealand

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    Default Shipping aussie supplies to New zealand

    Any New zealanders out there ever get premium disposables from the land of Aus? Im travelling with my lady (probably buying a camper) and only just discovering the great void that is Diaperless Zealand. Whats shipping like from your fave aussie DL sources? (If anyone goes that route).
    OR has anyone discovered a decent source in the country by now? (Abdl aware, good product, etc).

    Any help would be stellar! Im dippin out over here. :P

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    NZ aint diaperless, you can easily get AMD slip Maxi, Abena L4, Molicare Super plus, etc etc.

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    Oh yea. Iv seen those. Im thinkin ill grab some molicares anyhow. BUT Im talkin details on the abdl varietude of diapery.

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    Have you tried Paddingplus who bring ABU to Australia and I understand also service NZ.

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    i have used paddingplus about 2 months ago, website said shipping would take around 3 weeks, i found my was closer to 5 weeks. I think that was due to international mail center in NZ rather than their fault. I would recommend and probably use again

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