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    I have always really been into abdl but, lately, I have been trying to stop pmo-ing. That's great and all but i also get turned on by abdl stuff and I'm trying not to touch myself. Tbh, I would rather have abdl be something I do for fun not something I get off to. Would it be a good idea to continue w/ abdl or should I try and stop that too to achieve my goal?

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    I think that if it's a goal that you really want, then, by all means, you should try to achieve it, but if your ABDL side starts giving you urges than it would not be safe to continue ignoring them. You could end up in a binge-purge cycle if you ignore your thoughts about ABDL. I think that you should try continuing your ABDL lifestyle while pursuing your goal. I know it may be harder, but at least you won't have to deal with the mental state that comes with ignoring your urges.

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    Part of this is age related. When I was younger, diaper wearing almost always ended in masturbation. Now I can go an entire week before things reach their logical conclusion. Why not try to go two days, something that might be more obtainable. Then stretch it to three days. There's nothing wrong about reaching the obvious conclusion to diaper wearing, but I understand losing the feeling of being a real baby and feeling a sense of innocence.

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    I wanna say it's been at least a month and a half since I came in a diaper. They really aren't sexual for me, I just like them.

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    I don't really get the point in trying to stop masturbating. It's a natural urge and as long as you're not doing it so much it's negatively affecting other aspects of your life, it's all good.

    It seems there's a new thread made here everyday about giving up ab/dl. Everyone gets the same general advice: it's extremely unlikely, and there's really no good reason to. If ab/dl is your fetish, well, it's most likely your fetish for life, like it or not.

    Getting sexual in diapers doesn't have to make you feel un-babylike, if that's your worry. Even small children sometimes masturbate. I started when I was about four years old - at the same time I was developing this fetish. And here I still am today. It hasn't gone away.

    So instead of trying to rid yourself of your urges, try embracing and enjoying them.

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    The surest way to get past the arousal is to follow it to its conclusion. Make it easier, not more difficult, to just masturbate and be done. Then, rather than stewing in your own hormones while you're trying to assume a more "innocent", babyish role, you'll be completely free to assume it. (Unless you then begin to worry about how real babies don't weigh 200 pounds, don't stand six feet tall, and don't have to shave--or any of the other zillion or so non-masturbatory reasons why you're definitely not a baby.)

    The guilt that most of us at some point feel about getting sexual with diapers does eventually wear off. And here again, making it easier to take care of those urges is a big part of achieving that "self-acceptance" milestone. The harder you fight something like a fetish, the more time it spends on your mind, and the bigger a thing it will seem--and actually be! Demote it to a more mundane practice, though--a need you address when it shows up, much like hunger or a full bladder--and suddenly it won't own you anymore. It's a curious thing, really, to embrace a thing in order to lessen its impact on your life. But in this case, I'm pretty certain it works. I'm also pretty certain that doing the opposite is the way to misery.

    Fetishes don't seem to go away. They stick with you whether you indulge them or not. But if you don't indulge them, they get pissed off! In a way.

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