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Thread: Natural BM or Induced BM

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    Question Natural BM or Induced BM

    I'm curious, which do all of you prefer? A large natural bowel movement in your diaper or one induced by laxatives, suppositories, enemas or the marshmallow trick? I personally prefer a large natural poop in my diaper.

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    I've always done it naturally, although I've been wanting to give an enema a try for a little while now.

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    I've really only ever done natural ones. Though I am kinda wanting to try using an enema at some point to see how it is.

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    They both have their places. Doing a full load accumulated over a day or more is a massive dump. A dulcolax suppository giving the panic sense of urgency is all fun at times.

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    I prefer neither really, deal with both though, at least there is that relief of getting it out

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    The times I've experimented with messing, it mostly just sucked unless it was a firm and mostly dry BM. As such, laxatives or enemas wouldn't really do it for me.

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    When I'm in the mood for it, I prefer natural laxatives. I also know how my body react to stuff, so I'm in control of how I want it.

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    Either is fine for me ^^

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    Whenever I first started wearing diapers, I remember holding it in for as long as possible. I think the longest I held it was about 4 days. Since I was 14 and using pull-ups it was so big that it would push out of the sides of my pull-up. I guess that I have always really preferred large natural bms because they make it all the more satisfying.

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