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    I'm thinking of buying a pair of goodnites tru fits. For those who do not know these are essentially pairs of underwear with a vinyl strip and straps down the center. You can put a custom pad in the center, "inserts," to have act like a diaper.

    I am not a fan of messing because of the smell and cleanup (I will simulate messing though. I once microwaved some lemon pudding and simulated fever diarrhea.) However, I was wondering if somebody would be up to messing these and reporting the results back to us? On top of that, should I even buy them? I am HIGHLY for the idea of being able to wear something like these nearly 24/7 since I essentially have the body build of a dwarf (chubby and short) and would fit perfectly into them.

    Do they make any sound at all (telltale sounds of a diaper)?
    How well do they hold wettings?
    How well do they hold messings? (If anybody is kind enough to try this out, buckle up buckaroo! You are in for a ride!)
    For the cost of $8-12 for a pack of 16 l-xl inserts and the intial cost of $5-8 dollars for two pairs of the underwear and 5 pads, is it worth it?

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    I bought these. They are fine for wetting but have never messed in them because there are no leak guards. I have used a baby diaper inside of the TruFit underwear and messed in that. I prefer messing in a diaper though. They are virtually silent as they are made from cloth

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    Where do you find Tru-fit refills? I haven't seen them in stores anymore. They work awesome as boosters. I've started using Huggies Little Movers size 5 with the leg gathers removed and the backing slitted to allow it to soak into the main diaper. They swell a lot just like the Tru-fit.

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    I used them in briefs as boosts, they work well, not sure if they still sell them here, rite aid reduced the refills a few months back and haven't noticed them since

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    the inserts are amazing as boosters. I often found myself just using the insert inside actual goodnite disposables rather than the trufit. I've never messed them, I've wanted to try but I don't want to ruin mine lol. They hold wettings rather well though, a lot better than the actual disposables imo.

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    I hated them. I got them for very cheap in the discount section of my local pharmacy and I honestly threw them out. I stick the the pull ups, the girls ones if course.

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    I've tried messing in goodnites tru-fit. I would not recommend doing it, unless it's a small "accident" . It stains the plastic and can't hold much.
    The tru-fit are not noisy and it's very comfortable (dry/wet and breathable), I could wear them 24/7 and forget about them. It can hold a decent amount of liquid for what it is, but you gotta be careful with that, it'll leak fast if you don't know when to stop. I wear them dry more than wet, and if I really want to mess, it can hold a little bit of the liquid kind. I think the price is fair for the refill packs, for something I can wear that feels different than a poofy diaper. To everyone who wears small, this is definitely something to try.

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