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Thread: Help Finding a Caretaker?

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    Hewwo again! I wanted to make another thread here, because um... I'm not exactly sure how to begin with looking for a caretaker! I would feel really rude and shy asking someone.... Would that be out of place? Also, does anyone have any tips for finding one? How did you meet yours? :-)

    Feel free to share as much or as little as you'd like! I really would appreciate the help and/or advice. <3

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    Hi Thebunnyprince

    just a warning for you to tack your time over finding a caregiver, not all of them are nice people. there are site out there where you can say that you are looking for someone to care for you. but I have found that sometimes they come along from out side ABDL community.

    stay safe out there Little one


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    In my experience, you have to be willing to 'put yourself out there' to actually find a caregiver. The number of available carers within the AB community is actually fairly small, so a broader effort will increase your chances of success considerably.

    I've had more than a dozen babysitters since 1985. Every one has either been a friend or referred to me by someone I trusted enough to tell about my 'little' side and my caregiving needs. Several have been professional healthcare providers - a CNA, a couple of nurses, etc. - but most had no previous experience caring for an adult.

    I knew my current 'nanny' for nearly a year before I sat down and had 'the talk' with her. As it happens, she's been by far the best caregiver I've found. Had I not had a friendship with her, I doubt I would have found her. So my best advice is to think about who you know and who they may know, and then decide to 'put yourself out there' to a person or two you absolutely trust. While they may be surprised, shocked or have no interest themselves, they may know someone who has a strong maternal instinct or healthcare experience.

    Good luck!

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