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    Apparently I have high white cells apparently high enough to have another blood test.

    Well that's completely confusing, what does a high white cell count mean, blood test came back fine. hmm, other than that.

    It seems that it may not even be an ulcer which is hell confusing??

    I should mention, I have absolutely no infections.

    It seems to have been misdiagnosed, most likely isn't an ulcer, hmm this is odd actually, or i don't know, doctors are confused i think.

    My red cell count is fine.
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    Its unfortunately not something that cen be easily answered. I was always taught to "treat your patient and not the numbers of their results" ... so saying that you white cell is high doesnt really mean much as it needs context.

    Ive seen some white cells counts that are technically high but only just ... and for some people this is normal to be just a tad higher (doesnt mean you have an infection). Also there are lots of things that raise white cell counts. People who have just had a procedure (like even a skin lesion removed) can have elevated white cells. Even people who have had a seizure just before will have an elevated white cell count (thing of all the muscle's in your body squeezing the bones and literally squeezing the white cells out due to the seizure). So its too hard to say what the cause is in you .. there are a number, and ones that arent from an infection too.

    The question really is how high are they and if they are high, which type of white cells are high. Then, you need to put this into the picture of what the person has wrong with them. So in short, its not possible to give you an answer when you say it is just high. You would need to see what your treating doctor says as they are the ones with the "whole picture" that i was talking about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shybug View Post
    It seems to have been misdiagnosed, most likely isn't an ulcer, hmm this is odd actually, or i don't know, doctors are confused i think.
    I think doctors work in a way that's similar to diagnosing a fault on a PC. You check the easy/obvious things first to rule them out.

    Just make sure that the doctors keep trying until they are certain what's wrong and they can fix it. Don't let them fob you off or delay you unnecessarily.

    Hope you get it all sorted really soon.

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    It's usually the sign of an infection, though it can be caused by other issues. They need to look more closely than just the cell count that the normal CBC blood test would render.
    Treatment depends on what they find. You might just get put on antibiotics, or you may be in for more tests.

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