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    Default Heat exhaustion.

    Well it turned out that my bout of vomiting and diarrhoea which has been happening on and off for the last couple years, is actually heat exhaustion, on the bright side I've also found out I have a ulcer. heat exhaustion would explain the cramps, fatigue and dark coloured urine. turns out the vomiting black wasn't blood, just something I ate and I actually tore something while vomiting too much. I do get dehydrated to the point my tongue actually becomes dry.

    What I did leave out, was I was cleaning out my room at night time and my room was actually boiling hot, I actually underestimate how hot is in in here. It's way beyond room temperature lol. Inside temperature feels like I've walked into a nice cold room, while walking into my room is equivalent into going on a hot car on a 30 degree day. (I'm comparing this to the kitchen in the house which has no aircon) also my room is a outside room, sleep out, wasn't built properly and is equivalent to a metal shed, anyone who has worked in a small metal shed on a boiling hot day, or has been in a boiling hot car will know my pain right now.

    If you've ever been in a car, attics or shed on a 30 degree day, than you know how deadly it can be. I'm literally living the equivalent of that. only thing preventing me from dying is the fact I've got like 4 litres of water laying around to drink.

    That being said, I should be more concerned that this room is hot enough to actually trigger me to have a heat stroke, doesn't help my mother sends me to the shop constantly and decides to kick me out and prevent me from drinking water when she is cleaning, so annoying.

    Considering this room is hot enough to cause me to have a heat stroke, just by sitting in here, image what it could do to animals or small children, I've actually have had rats get in from leaving my door open, even birds die a couple hours later, it literally is that hot in here. I've actually burned my hands on my wooden desk before, and sweat so much It prevents me from opening the door.

    I wasn't kidding about my living conditions, :P

    So, that is the reason for me wanting to rush out so fast, sorry if it seems like I'm rushing to get out, but I really am, its dangerously hot in here.

    I just wanted to clear the air with my last post, yes ulcers are serious, yes I'm concerned but at this time, it doesn't seem to be "fatal" or anything I should be scared about if that makes sense. I've most likely have had this ulcer for many years without knowing, what I mean is at this stage it's treatable with medication and isn't bad enough to kill me for now.

    That being said, I'm grateful for your concerns, just don't want to scare you all :P

    Oh, also good news I actually got an offer with a publishing company, to publish my share ware so hopefully that brings in some $$$

    Considering explaining to my parents how hot my room is, is equivalent to telling a 4 year old the oven is hot, I'm not going to have any luck, there thick they don't listen, once I get out, there going to put my sister in here, which is ironic as she always makes out her room is hot, I bet she can't wait for dangerously hot temperatures hot enough to kill someone.

    That being said, I suffered heat exhaustion from being exposed to "car like temperatures" constantly. I even told them about it, they don't take me seriously and think I'm exaggerating, I'm literally not. It is that hot in there literally it's so hot I can't physically cope being in here, and it's taken a toll on my mental health. Ironically I happen to have a ulcer diagnosed because of it, so maybe that is a silver lining.

    [this is a update on my current medical situation]

    I should be keeping cool, but that's really unlikely at the moment.
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    I'm glad you're feeling better but sorry it's so hot. Be sure to drink plenty of liquids as dehydration can cause all sorts of problems. I wish I could send you some of our cold weather. I think it was 24 degrees f. this morning. I had to scrape some ice off the windshield before I drove to work.

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