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Thread: What do you do to protect your bed matres at night?

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    Post What do you do to protect your bed matres at night?

    I am asking loads of questions tonight.
    This one is a little personal. When you go to bed with a nappy on obviously your not going to bed and then wetting a mattress.

    My question is what do you do to procect your bed matres at night?
    You will have a nappy on but supose you want to wet is in the confert of your own bed?
    Or you have a accident?

    How do you lesson the chance of your bed from getting damp soaked or leeked on?
    How do you also take precaution so if you do mess yourself it will not go everywhere?

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    I'd suggest:

    A terry lined waterproof matress protector protects your matress pretty well.

    You can also get disposable bedsheets - but they tend to scrunch up and so need to go under a fitted sheet.

    I'd suggest plastic pants for the messing.

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    waterproof matress pad, and a water proof pillow cover for the one my legs lay on

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    A waterproof matteras cover and a washable bed pad.

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    We have a waterproof mattress pad. Serta brand. We just got a brand new bed and it works very well to protect it.

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    I prefer the pure vinyl mattress covers with the zipper so they stay put.

    You can't even tell the cloth-cover ones are there, and that's no fun, is it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by goten View Post
    You can't even tell the cloth-cover ones are there, and that's no fun, is it?
    I always thought the no fun part was when you are half conscious and changing a soaked diaper and having it spill out and soak the bed sheets ><

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    I don't usually wear on my bed because of the fear of messing up my mattress, but when I do, I use IC pads under me to catch any small leaks.

    Am able to have those around because my grandma gives us tons of them. I use them extremely often to line things like my cat's litter box or the floor under a water leak. An alternative would be a puppy training pad.

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