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Thread: Where do you buy your diapers from?

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    Default Where do you buy your diapers from?

    Trying to find a less expensive place, but still good service as XP Medical. Where do you all buy your diapers from? Do they do discreet shipping without having to ask, what brands do they offer, etc?

    I know of the, but to me it just seems like a crappy diaper. I haven't tested it yet, so I may go buy a pack, anyone care to review them for me here?

    But the main diaper I'm looking for is Abena X-Plus, any other decently priced sites that have just as good of service as XP Medical for them?

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    Default is pretty good, I've used them a few times. I've only ordered packages and two came in brown boxes that said "" on the side fairly large (in fact one UPS man was kind of a funny guy and said, 'heres your drugs' when he gave me the box...) and the other came in a completely brown box with nothing on it except a return label of shipping is super fast, it always seems to get here a day or two early when i get 3-day shipping, and the one time the order got stuck in the system or something for a few days they refunded me my shipping and overnighted it to me.

    overall a very good company. prices are about the same as everywhere else.

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    I use XP Medical. I have tried others, but the customer service at XP Medical is superior. Magic Medical, for instance, refused to replace the diapers when the sent me the wrong size, unless I paid return postage. XP, and Gary, on the other hand, gave me credit for faulty diapers - I supplied the lot serial number of them, he checked with the manufacturer, who agreed that it was their problem, and Gary promptly sent me new. He's a fine businessman, in the old sense of the word; he values his customers.

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    XP medical or dry 24/7.

    However I think I'll stick with Abena's X-plus.

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    I guess there's no where else as good as XP then. Looks like I'll be ordering from them still =).

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    I wear pinned gauze diapers at home for bed, and disposables during the day when I need to be a responsible adult.

    For many years I wore DPF adult gauze prefolds, but they went out of business. Now I wear Adult Cloth Diaper Company (ACD) 33" flat square 2-ply gauze diapers. Those I buy direct from ACD on-line. For soakers I use standard Gerber baby Birdseye prefolds that I buy from my closest Babies-R-Us when they are in stock. I still have many The First Years #3200 diaper pins, which still work well. My plastic pants are Kins #A10300V soft vinyl pull-on which I buy from them directly on-line.

    My disposables are Attends Youth Brief and Attends Breathable Extra Absorbent Brief, Small which I buy on-line from Care Giver Partnership. They set up a standing order based on my usage rate so unless I need them sooner a case arrives before I get desperate.

    Often like today all I need is a slip-in disposable pad. Those I make myself by cutting the leg gathers and side flaps from Pampers Cruisers Size 4. In 20 minutes I can modify enough to last me a week. Cruisers often go on sale at supermarkets and other stores near me. When that happends I buy a lot of them. Also whenever I contact Pampers customer service they send me coupons.

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    I buy cloth diapers and plastic pants from I think they are Altogeter Diaper Co. But there is a down side. They send you this nice message to your e-mail, "How did you enjoy your DIAPERS!" which my wife intercepted. That's how she found out, a year ago. Fortunately she was very accepting, but you should know that they do that. There is also your order history on Amazon, so that could be another problem.

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    I've had a lot of good luck with XP medical. I haven't found a better price out there, plus shipping is free on cases and they always are fast and always packaged discreetly. Also, I've found the dry 24/7's to be quite good. I made a review of them many months ago, and I was able to dig up the link to the thread, so here it is, maybe it will help.

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    I'll be the one to put my source out there, though I haven't tried XP medical yet. The guy I buy them from is extremely friendly, and shipping only took three days. For 72 of the large (Or xl) I pay $43, with shipping and delivery confirmation included. I can only contact him through email though, so if you're interested, send him a message at;

    [email protected]

    I would only ask that you let him know I referred you. I don't get any discount or anything, but I use it as my compliment to his service.

    And yes, it's discreet; it comes in a plain brown box and has the six bags of 12 in it.

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