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Thread: Another question about shareware ;)

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    Default Another question about shareware ;)

    Well, I'm porting one of my applications I wrote which is open source to QT or GTK#, and I just remembered that one of the libraries I use is licence under the LGPL, In this case what do I do, I've read in numerous places, I can use it in closed source software? as long as I compile it as a library, and include the source code just for that library, or am I completely wrong here?

    Since I stopped support for my last software, this new one is pretty much a upgraded version which will be shareware, last one was open source, but the two are reverse compatible, just less features.

    Yes, I'm using C# to develop my shareware with, I find that C# is a nice language and generally is better than java. (don't bash me here) (that being said I'm language agnostic, I like C# because it's a nice language and "nicer" than java, what I mean is in C# input is as easy as console.writeline, console.readline() streamreader etc. I find that much easier to memorize, plus gives me access to the winAPI, though the same can be said about C++ or C, I know C also, and might actually need to write some C code so I can wrap some libraries so I can use it in C#

    So, if it's TL;DR pretty much to summarize, can I use libraries in LGPL? and if so I have to release the source code for that library and make it so you can upgrade that library if you want to so to speak?

    Now here comes the hard part, I'm going to have to write my own "licencing" tool, using php and mysql as a backend (fucking sigh) that generates keys stores it into a database... and my program calls that.

    (honestly don't care if my software gets cracked) and if it does I might put a little Easter egg in there calling it pirated edition, asking them to buy if they like the software and give them 50% off, or some crap.

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    I'd literally no idea, but I had a quick google of the LGPL, and it looks like you just have to separate the open-source components from your proprietary components. Your proprietary components can't use ANY open-source code (i.e. must not be a "derivative work"). But they can call open source components. I think...

    It's probably worth getting legal advice if you anticipate making a little money out of it.

    I'm very curious as to what you're coding! Can you elaborate, or would that give away your "real life" identity? :-)

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    It'll give away who I am, actually. long story short. lets say encryption software.

    The encryption part is open source, while the front end, and actual "good stuff" is closed source, but it's based off my original works which is open source.

    Hell confusing if you think about it xD. think of this as the more stable, better looking version, that eventually down the line implements all the features in the open source version.

    Though with the LGPL parts, I've literally just included it so you can "plug and play" with newer or older versions. as a separate dll file.

    Get this right, it was a tool I made for myself xD, and I use it regularly, so I gave myself my own licenced version AHAHA!

    I'm just trying to work out how much to charge for it, I'm thinking $5, but I think it's worth $12, not too sure.

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