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Thread: Where are the diapers really made?

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    Default Where are the diapers really made?

    Hey guys! Where do you think the diapers are really made? I know abena is from denmark. absorbency plus is USA. where is dry 24/7 made??? where is north shore supremes made? I tried on the id slip pe diapers from xpmedical and man...the smell was amazing...its reminds me of the smell of the old thick attends!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by landingxray View Post
    What is EEC and PRC?
    European economic community , Peoples republic of China

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    Last I heard Dry 24/7 are made in USA.

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    I usually check out the stickers and labels, so here's the list from my best recollection:
    Dry 24/7 - Formerly Israel, currently US
    North Shore Supreme - France
    iD Slip - Denmark (I think!)

    Others not on your list:
    ABU - China
    Rearz - China
    Bambino - China
    Tykables - China
    BetterDry/Crinklz - Unspecified European Union country
    Molicare - France

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