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    Hope it's cool to post again, another question or two.

    Besides having an open minded spouse or best friend, is it logical to find someone to change my diaper, clean or dirty if they agreed, just once. And is it ethical to search for them and be willing to pay them for this?

    Anyone else been changed by a "stranger" that you paid for this service? How would you suggest finding them in a smaller city in Idaho? Risks are understood.

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    I've never had anyone do it who wasn't very well known to me. I've had a couple of other offers and while they were very nice and I may be okay with them doing so in the future, the time wasn't right. I'm really not interested in getting my diaper changed as a thing in and of itself but as an expression of fun, love, friendship, intimacy, etc.

    All that said, I know most ABDLs are more interested in having the experience for its own merits as well as possibly the ones I mentioned. I don't think there's anything wrong with seeking that as long as you're clear about it. The coarse topic of coin complicates it in my estimation. It would also increase the likelihood that the experience might be ultimately unsatisfying unless you're dealing with someone who caretakes as a job.

    I think the best opportunities are going to be for general ABDL socializing. If you become known to people online and in the real world as a decent and pleasant human, you should have little trouble getting the occasional change, particularly if you're willing to return the favor. Obviously, this isn't likely in "smaller city in Idaho" but if you look for where people are collecting nearest to you, there should be possibilities. Seattle isn't exactly next door but it's a massive gathering point for ABDLs and babyfurs, so that's something to consider as well for the longer term.

    As a practical matter for the short term, although it wouldn't be my approach, I know someone who achieved eventual success with Craigslist ads for platonic meet-ups. If you go a similar route, I'd definitely suggest getting comfortable with such people in the real world in neutral locations first before proceeding to diaper intimacy.

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    I've had more than a dozen babysitters since the mid-80s, but none was a 'stranger' to me. They were either friends or women I'd vetted very carefully.

    If you're intent on finding a 'stranger' to change you, your best bet may well be the Craigslist approach. Look for a nursing assistant who wants some extra work. The problem will be in making this a 'one time thing.' I'm not sure I'd disclose up front that there's no opportunity to change you again down the road.

    In your part of the country, you'll find a number of LDS women who may never have changed an adult but can handle the task. You'd probably be better off if you wanted to have a 'now-and-then' relationship with one of these ladies, first because that will make her more proficient at the task of changing you and second because she will be more comfortable taking the job.

    In my view, it's just as ethical to find someone to care for you as it is to find someone to care for a child or an elderly adult. I've never had a babysitter who didn't tell me at least once how much they enjoyed the job, and every single one has been grateful for the opportunity to try.

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    Not sure about ethics, for me I wouldn't just want some stranger that wasn't a medical professional seeing me naked,

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