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Thread: Cloth diapers and sports

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    Default Cloth diapers and sports

    Hi all! These few days I have been posting here quite a lot, it's definitely the go to place to get incontinence advice, info about diapers.
    Anyway I've been thinking of starting something like badminton or tennis, some people suggested cloth diapers for active use like that, I'd like to know whether it's really practical for me or should I just let it go.... I'm doubly incontinent 24/7 and have several bm's a day, and my bm's are really large in amount so I wear abena m4's with a pair of plastic pants. Even then one bm manages to really fill the diaper and leaking is my main worry but it has leaked in the day for now, I change as soon as I realize I've gone. My urinary incontinence isn't any better either. I frequently wet, probably even hourly, no idea. most of the time I don't feel when I go for both urine and bowels, bowels I can feel it filling the diaper, but urine I hardly feel. Anyway the diaper should do well with both.... Any suggestions ?

    In of my previous posts jdinvirginia suggested using enema's and I've spoken with my doctor and since I have had surgery in the past he does not recommend using enema's frequently. Even weekly he's not recommending. But he said that once in a while it should be okay... maybe for real special occasions,

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    I'd actually recommend a high quality disposable for sports. Cloth diapers can be really bulky and restrict movement. The best ones I've found are the Northshore Supreme and Supreme Lite. They're very reliable and have never fallen apart and clumped up, even during intense physical activity. The padding can be a bit stiff initially but it breaks in nicely after wearing it a short time. They also have sturdy leak guards and plenty of room in the back to contain bm's comfortably. Abenas are also a good diaper, but less durable by comparison and more likely to fall apart, sag, or clump up during sports.

    I think your doctor had good advice regarding enemas. When used too frequently your body can become reliant on them and you could end up severely constipated and unable to defecate without an enema.
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    Cloth diapers imo, are really only good for at home and for sleeping. Otherwise, they're a little too difficult to deal with out in public.
    What would you do with a totally wet and messy cloth diaper after changing out of it? You gotta carry it around with you until you get home, which is a bit of a pain.

    Northshore Supremes are basically Northshore's version of Abena M4 :P
    They are of decent build quality and hold up alright, though they start out very stiff, they turn into pretty good diapers.
    (From the amount of bm's you say you're having, don't get the "Lite" version)

    Abena M4 is alright for what you're wanting to do, though maybe you'll want to add a booster pad if you're still scared of leaking.
    Like I suggested before, you should pick up a onesie to support the diaper during play and whilst moving about, they do help a bit more than you'd think.

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    wouldn't recommend cloth for sports, particularly in your case as any cloth diaper you would wear to even come close to an m4 in capacity would be massive, recommend finding a disposable that works really well and wearing plastic pants.

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    Good point Jonnythepony, cloth seems like a harder thing to be cleaning. And an onesie sounds like a good idea, can the diaper tabs still hold though? By amount I mean volume, I never wait long enough to have another bm. Since a few weeks ago my frequency of bm's increased a little but usually they are a several hours apart and I doing think I'd be playing that long.

    I could get north shore diapers and see, although maybe after all my finals are over :p

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    alexchar1982 thanks for the insight. I have never used cloth diapers before as they could be a pain with my bowel incontinence. They probably would because I have bowel accidents day and night. I'd have to clean up and carry it around , does not sound efficient.

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    I have used cloth at nite for years but wouldn't recommend them for active day use or for one who messes---too hard to keep clean. My suggestion is to continue with Abenas or North Shore disposables and change right before and maybe after your exercise. Good luck.

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    cloth diapers are a lot of work. Sports won't make them more convient Sweat plus plastic pants = added wetness and possible butt moons eclipsing your legs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rennecfox View Post
    cloth diapers are a lot of work. Sports won't make them more convient Sweat plus plastic pants = added wetness and possible butt moons eclipsing your legs.
    Not sure what that last part means but yes maybe a good quality disposable will do. I'll try north shore supremes like INTrePid said.
    Thanks for the advice though

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    [Not sure what that last part means
    I mean around the leg guards it tends to spill out or sweat forms at making a half moon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rennecfox View Post
    I mean around the leg guards it tends to spill out or sweat forms at making a half moon.
    Oh... Yeah I'm starting to think whether sports is practical for me at all. Other than swimming I suppose.

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