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Thread: How does one have little time in a small space?

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    Default How does one have little time in a small space?

    Hello Everyone, First off things are going pretty decent for me, and I am doing well on my classes so far, anyway what I want to know is how to have little time in a small space like my bedroom, I mean I have a small space in my room and I want to enjoy it but it is so small and I was wondering how to have little space in such a small area. Any help would be appereated, thanks.

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    Doesn't seem too hard. There's a lot of baby/kid things you can do in a smaller room. Watching cartoons, coloring, having a bottle or sippy cup, and playing with toys all come to mind. Maybe build a blanket or pillow fort if you have the space.
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    Pretend you are in a rocket ship? Not much room in those.

    How much space are we talking about?

    I'm with Kimba on this one, there are a lot of options. I do understand the desire for more room though, I certainly would enjoy it.

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    You know what kittynijaW the most exciting thing about regression is that little time mostly occurs in the the little space of your mind, which I suggest holds the potential to be the biggest space of all - your imagination. Aside from that, I think perhaps you're feeling a bit confined emotionally and wishing you could express yourself beyond the privacy of you personal space - your room. Unfortunately, for most of us, this is a common experience. Thankfully, the net and spaces like adisc, open our little world for us. Here's some help.

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