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Thread: After the gym today..I went next door to the massage place....OMG!!!

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    Default After the gym today..I went next door to the massage place....OMG!!!

    So I usually go to a gym that is connected to the local hospital. Next door to the gym but still in the same building, they always offer 1 hour massages for whole body or 15 to 30 minute chair massages. I decided to go for a 1 hour massage because I was swimming for an hour this morning. I was beat and sleepy. So, during the massage i feel asleep and I lost the time. Maybe i went to sleep for 45 minutes but towards the end, the massage therapist told me straight up. "Excuse me, it looks like your soaked". At the time I was wearing the Abena M4. I told her that I have to change at home. She kept urging that being wet will eventually cause skin breakdown. I kept telling her that I'm fine. She was so nice and empathetic. She finally mentioned.."Look, I can walk down the hall to the rehab unit and grab a new brief for you. What size are you?" I told her mediums and then she told me to wait. After 5 minutes she came back. Then she said "since you are lying flat. not to worry, Ill just go ahead and change you. we have wet wipes." so, during all of this, she just pulled the sheet up to my chest, untaped my diaper, told me to lift up. She wiped me down very quickly and i saw she was wearing disposable gloves. Then she told me to lift up and she slid a new diaper on, taped me up, and that was that. I realized it wasn't a plastic diaper it was one of those hospital cloth backed diapers. So it wasn't really tape. It was like velcro. I thanked her so much with a red face and she mentioned she was an RN and a massage therapist. She also mentioned that she always gets clients that wear briefs because the gym is always filled with cardiac rehab patients. Wow!

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    lol I'm sure this is a totally true story.

    It reminds me of the time I went into CVS to buy depends because I wet my pants and the stern clerk took me out back, spanked me, and diapered me and that was

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    Quote Originally Posted by KimbaStarshine View Post

    I'm having a hard time believing this...
    Me too. Seems too odd to be true

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    Oh, It's story time?


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