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Thread: Plastic pants alternative

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    Default Plastic pants alternative

    Hi all! Yet another post from me ...
    I've been dealing with double incontinence for nearly my whole life and when I started growing and using abena m4's a always wore plastic pants. They were quite uncomfortable and even though the m4's have never leaked during day I wear them just in case because my bm's are large in amount and frequency. They are also so noisy but it cuts off the odor if I haven't had the opportunity to change for some time. Is there any cloth or plastic alternative which can be comfortable?

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    It might help to know which specific pants you've tried and what aspects you found to be uncomfortable. Every alternative will have its pros and cons. For instance, if you find enclosed elastics uncomfortable on your skin, there are non-enclosed elastics, but these come with an increased risk of moisture wicking out at the leg cuffs. If you find plastic pants too hot, there are more-breathable varieties, but these may not do as well with containment, especially of odors. Etc.

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    The most recent plastic pants I brought with me from home are leakmaster deluxe ones. I usually don't wear them in the day but my bm's have gotten a little worse than usual and I'm wearing them in case of a really bad leak or something. It's just generally uncomfortable, I guess you can't have everything in a plastic pant, containment is my priority... if there are more comfortable materials or something which doesn't impede it's use that would be great, I've never really explored too much, and since I joins this forum I'm learning more about how to manage my incontinence,

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    PUL or PolyUrethaneLaminate have felt more comfortable to me for heat than the vinyl pants. Snap on offers more ventilation than pull on but have less protection from a major leak.

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    I don't own any plastic pants (they're on my list of things to try), but what about something such as the sosecure swim diaper as a cover? It would add a bit more bulk as compared to plastic pants, but on the other hand it's silent and seals well around the leg openings. It also has the fleece interior lining which may help in the event of a small leak. Only downside is it's not cheap and washing it might be a pain.

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    I've heard that wearing cloth diapers without inserts or anything over disposables can prevent leaks, not sure if it's true but it's an expensive alternative. otherwise I've seen plastic pants called active pul or something, and it looks quite secure, anyone have a take on that?

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    irnub I think the pul active wear is similar to a swim diaper, at least thats what it looks like, my abena m4's don't usually leak, they feel like their on the brink of when I've had a bm cause it fills quite a bit of the diaper, but never leaked even when I have had more than one bm in the night it holds until the morning when I wake up to the mess, problem with the night is the diaper is also soaked after so many wettings in the night so on rare occasions the plastic pants have been a sheet saver.... Although I have to get cleaned asap to avoid rashes,

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    alexchar1982 thanks for your suggestion although smell would be something I would like to contain, I go to college and attend classes pretty regularly and the chances of me having a bm during a class is now likely and I don't want to subject people to my smells, maybe if I'm at home when I can change and clean up quickly...

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    They do make a pill for BM odor reduction. Nullo i think it is called.

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    I have 6 or 7 of these:

    They are very comfortable and that's what people are talking about with PUL pants. Someone here will have to speak up and say they do a poor job of containing #2 odors, if that's true. They contain urine odor just fine for me. Also, I used to use rubber pants instead of plastic. I just don't care to be out and about with plastic pants because of the comfort problem, but I haven't tried all the types. I used polyurethane ones at one time and at least they aren't noisy.

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