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    One for UK ABDL's.

    I tend to buy my stay at home nappies/diapers from Nappies R Us and love ABU's and Bambinos. The other day I spotted another site in the UK that does a few others but I can't find it, pretty sure they did Tykables. Has anyone got any ideas who it might be? Or direct me to another site that sells thick types with patterns?

    I wear Tena when out and about but really want something thick and noisy for when I'm at home :-).

    Thanks in advance peeps.

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    If it is ABDL Marketplace sure they have a great range but I don't trust them after the Super Boompa incident on eBay where the offered a preorder at a discount and when the stock came in cancelled all the preorders to sell them on their site.

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    Thanks but that wasn't it, I shall keep searching.

    PS. ABDL Marketplace is expensive, wow! :-(

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    Quote Originally Posted by pamperpassion View Post
    Thanks but that wasn't it, I shall keep searching.

    PS. ABDL Marketplace is expensive, wow! :-(
    Expensive? What?

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