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Thread: Has anyone tried Convert Ups?

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    Default Has anyone tried Convert Ups?

    I've been looking at these lately and interested in them but can't find much of a review on these things.

    Has anyone tried them?

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    It works pretty well for a quick fix. I mean to say , if you want to pad up for an hour or two. You can do so for a few cents. I wouldn't plan on using it for any longer term wearing. But it serves its purpose pretty well.

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    I have a pair of convertups, they're worth it. They work with most diapers that have a velcro-esque taking panel (Pampers, Huggies, Luvs) With a little modifications to the diaper I've foudn they can work with pull ups, kinda. They work for me, I've used them to wear overnight and for long periods during the day. If you're strapped for cash and can't afford adult diapers constantly, or just prefer baby diapers (Which are hella cheaper) its so worth it. I'd just stress that it's a lot easier to over-fill a baby diaper. Make sure you're not stretching the actual diaper too far. The convert up I have found can take a bit of stress but baby diapers can be fragile if you're too rough on them. Plus the capacity of most baby diapers isn't that great so plan on changing often if you want to wear and use for long periods of time.

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    Alright great!
    I need to find a good window to buy these things when no one will be around...

    I prefer baby diapers personally. They suit my wear style of short bursts and are much easier to dispose of considering I don't live alone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sheepies View Post
    Alright great!
    I need to find a good window to buy these things when no one will be around...

    I prefer baby diapers personally. They suit my wear style of short bursts and are much easier to dispose of considering I don't live alone.
    They ship discretely iirc, so shouldn't have to worry about it being known what it is.

    Edit*: If you get them let me know how they are because since I bought them they have apparently upped the quality a little bit. (I bought from the first batch, since then they've done some minor adjustments based on feedback they got apparently, or at least that's what I'm gathering from it.) I'm curious to know if the quality is actually better or if they're just saying that (Not that quality is an issue in the first place but yeah lol)

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    I ordered a pair last month and I'm still waiting for it to arrive. They take up to 6 weeks to deliver to where I'm at. I bought 3 packs of baby diapers (size 6) before hand. They're only $8 per pack plus 35 for the actual convert-ups ($44). It's a lot cheaper than any ABDL brand (depends being the cheapest at $15 a pack), brands cheaper than those can't even hold a single wetting.

    In conclusion, it's worth it otherwise.

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    Hi Guys,

    I'm from ConvertUps - we noticed quite a few orders hit the site from this thread over the past few days so I thought I'd come on and take a look.

    We now have a variety of shipping options on the site at - you can select free economy shipping, which can take a few weeks to get to the US, or regular shipping which takes around 2 weeks and we now also offer expedited shipping which has full online tracking and is signature on delivery, so you can choose how quickly you want them to arrive.

    We charge a bit extra for the faster shipping options, economy shipping is free. If you spend more than a certain amount (buy 2 or 3 ConvertUps) we give you free expedited shipping. It's all displayed automatically at check out so you can choose what you want.

    We are currently sold out of the Aqua design after a huge surge in orders, mainly from the US and Canada, so we will be out of stock of those for the next few weeks.

    In terms of shipping, ConvertUps ship in a plain white C5 envelope, like this, nothing outside indicating the contents except a customs square printed on the envelope listing the contents as "Clothing" for customs purposes. We must include this when shipping outside of Europe:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_0622.jpg 
Views:	80 
Size:	75.0 KB 
ID:	28032

    In terms of the quality, we are constantly refining and tweaking the design based on customer feedback. We are working on new extension pieces which will adapt each size to fit larger customers, so you can use a medium for a large size, large for an XL size and probably most importantly make an XL in to an XXL or XXXL without having to go down the bespoke order route. These will be for sale on the site very soon, and will be compatible with all ConvertUps.

    If you have any questions or feedback please drop it to us via the following contact form:

    And we'd love you to complete our survey at:

    We currently have a large number of orders being processed, so there may be a few days delay before your order is shipped, but we will keep you fully updated during the process, and will notify you as soon as your order is shipped, including the tracking code where applicable.

    Thanks guys.

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    I use mine everyday and love them, in fact I need to order a new pair as the Velcro on the sides is starting to wear due to lots of use.

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