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Thread: Best diaper that swells when wet?

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    Default Best diaper that swells when wet?

    I'm going to assume that for this, I'm going to get answers relatively along the lines of goodnites or pull-up style diapers swell the most with one or maybe two wettings if they don't leak, and ABU and Abena-like thicker diapers will swell more after 2 or 3 or 4 wettings. I'm more into a flooded once or twice diaper, so are there any diapers that swell really good once they're flooded or really wet besides goodnites?

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    Tena Slip Maxis were the first adult diaper I encountered that puffed up significantly when wet. Unfortunately, they're no longer for sale in the US, although there's talk of a decent plastic-backed replacement that's currently only in Europe. I favor thinner diapers most of the time so it was great to have something with a discreet profile that could hold more than it seemed like it would and the puffing up was something fun I didn't even know I would like.

    On that thinner side, the only ones I know of that are similar are: (I've read that they've undergone some changes since my last purchase, so I'd get a sample if you were interested). Detailed review: Detailed review:,, and may also be worthy of consideration. They start thicker than the above but are thinner than ABU Simple/Space/Little Pawz and are said to puff up as well. I haven't tried them myself. Detailed review:

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    Tranquility ATNs tend to swell quite a bit and are also lower capacity (they remind me of a really scaled down wellness brief). The DC Idyl and DC Amor diapers also swell a lot, though they're a bit expensive unless you order by the case.

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    Wellness briefs swell pretty good, and are great for daytime use. But for overnight, and a diaper that really swells a lot, and takes flooding really well is the 24/7 briefs. Once they are flooded, I waddle when I walk. Bambino diapers swell really well also.

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    The most absorbent store brand product in the U.S. by FAR also happens to swell like crazy. Check out Kroger, Rite Aide, or CVS Overnight Underwear (They're all the same product). These are pretty damn good performing adult pull-ups that have standing leak guards. They are fairly thin when dry, but give them a good wetting and they swell like crazy. I usually use these when I'm on the go and need something I can change quickly and easily but don't really need long term absorbency (for me they're good for one full void and them some extra).

    Due to how thin they are when dry, I can wear two or three of them without any real bulk. This allows me to still wear protection, but be able to change quickly as I can just tear off the used one and have a clean one ready to go. This combo is especially helpful when I have a lot of short classes on a given day. On the flip side, if I only have a class or two but they are longer and have a lab as well I'll usually be in a NorthShore Supreme.

    Give the Overnight Underwear a look. I think you'll be surprised at how well they perform.

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    Tykables tend to swell up a lot atleast for me. I've got it to swell over 4 inches.... I've also heard bare bum diapers swell but I haven't tried them.

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    Drys 24/7 swell like no tomorrow, if you get some older depends like before the waistband changed from green to white those also had a good droop, also attends with waistbands will droop when soaked especially with a soaker..

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    Quote Originally Posted by rennecfox View Post
    Drys 24/7 swell like no tomorrow, if you get some older depends like before the waistband changed from green to white those also had a good droop, also attends with waistbands will droop when soaked especially with a soaker..
    I don't see too much swelling from my 247's? My experience has been that they are a medium-sap diaper that has medium swell but good wicking? Now the old ones (that were really stiff, haven't been sold in a few years?) those were high sap (but poor wicking) and swelled quite a lot more iirc.

    I'm also comparing them against some other diapers that swell a lot like BetterDry, so maybe it's just a matter of perspective

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