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Thread: Most absorbent diaper flood wise

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    Default Most absorbent diaper flood wise

    So, as I am sitting here in my flooded Goodnites, close to leaking, what diaper is the best for wetting, more for flooding it? I don't usually just wear diapers and wet when I have to, I just try to see how long I can hold it in and then flood it. Goodnites are good to some extent, and I love when they swell up, but are there any really good diapers that are good for absolutely flooding at one time?

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    Check out ABU Simple or space diapers, Dry 24/7 are also a good choice but are now my second or third choice behind ABU simple diapers

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    Generally, the thicker the better. ABU's diapers are great for it. I try not to flood my diapers though, because usually when I flood, the diaper doesn't absorb as much.

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