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    Anyone know how the hospitals in the Phoenix area handle diapers? I have COPD and incontinence and sometimes have to go into the hospital for a few days. I went to a Banner hospital and they were not really nice after I explained I have to wear briefs and came in with one on.


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    If they were "not really nice" about you having to wear diapers in a medical facility, they should be reported to their management for unprofessionalism. There is no excuse for this attitude by medical professionals.

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    agreed but it does occur. I was in the ER last year for double pneumonia and they were upset by my requesting a diaper to change myself as I had not even thought to take an extra. Before that I was in the OR and when I woke up, I asked for a diaper. I had told them before my surgery I was wearing a diaper, and needed one. When I woke up without one, I and asked they thought I was weird. They brought me some cheap pad for a woman. I had to go home like that. For future, I will always take a backpack with me.

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