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    So I had a curious encounter with someone at work last night... I work as a cashier, and this guy came to my register holding only a package of avent pacifiers. At first I just figured he had a baby and theirs went missing and needed new ones. But when he handed them to me, I got a sort of anxious vibe from him. I also noticed that he was wearing a tee shirt with a teddy bear on it (which was super cute). All of that led me to believe that there was a possibility that he was an Abdl. I could definitely be wrong, but I really feel like he was, but I didn't want to say anything to make him uncomfortable or make things awkward.

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    do you wish you had been able to talk to him and find out?

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    you should have complimented his t and starting a conversation

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    Quote Originally Posted by icklespace View Post
    you should have complimented his t and starting a conversation
    I wish I had tbh, I'm still kinda kicking myself in the butt for not doing that :/

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    If only there was a way to ID one another. I realize this has been talked about. (to death) It seems such a sad thing that we can't see one another in person more often.

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