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Thread: Will my iPad catch fire

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    Default Will my iPad catch fire

    I play womb sounds to fall asleep to as they are soothing but I have 2 problems.

    1 minor problem, whilst I could say it's just white noise, I have to leave my door open for the cats so My brother may be able to hear it if his door is open.

    It the other problem is that my iPad is placed upside down on a carpet floor to stop the light from the iPad keeping me awake. It has a casing on it that stops a few inches above the screen around the edge of the screen so if placed upside down the screen doesn't touch the floor but the case does. I play it for 8 hours as it's a recording and you are supposed to have it on for the whole night. I couldn't sleep until I turned it off last night as I was scared it was going to catch fire from overheating. Sometimes when I play game for a long time sometimes on it the screen feels got to touch, no I don't charge it whilst I am asleep!

    What do you think? I guess I am a quite a worrier!

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    I've never heard of ipads catching fire, although any device with that much electrical energy stored in a small place (a powerful battery) carries some risk.

    There are other ways to do what you're doing, though. I often play music via my android tablet, but never from the crummy internal speakers. Mostly, I use a Chromecast Audio connected to my stereo system. That works even when the tablet screen is in sleep mode, so it's not using much power and doesn't heat up. I'm pretty sure some Apple apps are chromecast enabled. You might be able to do the same thing with a set of bluetooth speakers, although I haven't tested it.

    Edit: Another relatively inexpensive option is a baby sound machine. Mrs. Junior got one for the granddaughter. It also projects images on the ceiling. I never paid attention to exactly what, but no doubt its soothing and babyish.
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    I'm not an Apple fan myself so I'm just going off of experience here, the Ipad should turn off on its own if it gets too hot,So I wouldn't stress over it catching fire.

    You could try these solutions: Overheating iPad - Solutions

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    Lithum-ion batteries can explode and catch fire, that being said as long as it's not some sketchy chinese knock off without a power cut off if over charged, you should be fine, but just be aware they can, but it doesn't happen too often. usually it's just faulty electronics, or badly made electronics like those hover boards, or cheap Chinese batteries that some people use for there phones.

    On the bright side, you could use it as a heater if it catches fire (ok that was a bad joke) :P It'll warm up your whole house

    Also perfect for camp fires, and roasting mash mellows. hehe, little me is taking over :P

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    You should be able to lock the iPad and keep the sound going. Depends on how you're playing the audio. iPads don't normally get hot when just playing audio. I use Pzizz on my iPad Pro all night with no issues.

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    Yeah, I wouldn't be concerned about it. I have fixed ipads (unofficially), and you have to apply a lot of heat to them just to pop off the screen. They can deal with quite a bit. Playing audio isn't going to heat that thing up at all. If I were you though, i would dim the screen to the minimum if you are keeping it on all night, otherwise you are probably going to be using up some of the life on your back light.

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