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Thread: Greetings from Minnesota, U.S.

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    Post Greetings from Minnesota, U.S.

    Hi Everyone,

    I've been reading posts on this website for quite some time and I now just had the sisu to register an account. Wow! Everyone seems like really amazing, caring people. The forum questions and answers are informative and well thought out. You don't know me but I already love all of you. I hope to learn, share, and never grow up. Well, to be fair, I thought that last bit was kind of funny although I don't identify myself as a little just a DL in practice. So on to my brief auto-biography and perhaps shed some light on why I chose to join this wonderful group.

    I guess I've always had this interest ever since I can remember. When I was about 7 I got caught sitting in my parents closet trying to put on a you know what and from then on I was always interested in such things. I would dabble in this interest on and off throughout my teens, but I never told anyone or my parents that I had this "thing" about enjoying this particular clothing style. When I was in my twenties I got the courage to go to Walgreens and explore a certain aisle that suited my tastes. I was slightly nervous about buying my first package but I chose a case, paid for it, and walked out feeling proud of myself. I thought I would draw stares and questions from the clerk, but all in all it was very painless. However, I was also sort of mad at myself for not having the guts to do this sooner as I've always managed with just makeshift garments in the past. And, of course, like many, I went through multiple binge and purge cycles until I realized that I just need to accept myself for who I am and embrace this particular aspect of myself and go forward with life.

    So now I'm older, not too old, but old enough to have developed the wisdom to know how the world works. I don't do the 24/7 thing but I do enjoy wearing sometimes at night and throughout the day. Now you may be wondering why I'm intentionally withholding the usage of certain words, and well, the answer is that I'm in a public library using their computers and I live in a town with a million nosy relatives who just love to gossip and if they saw me typing this I would have some explaining to do. But I can assure you I am quite comfortable with myself and if they did find out I guess so be it, but they don't tell me what they wear and I'm not gonna tell them about my activities.

    I must confess that I did tell my mother who I was living with a short time ago just because I have little nieces who love to explore and if they went into my room and discovered my stash I would once again have some explaining to do. My mum was really understanding and she said she was open to other things and we left it at that. So now I live on my own in an awesome town with everything in walking distance, still in the same town with relatives, but you cannot win at everything. Ha Ha! I don't have a problem with my relatives, but I do enjoy my privacy. As far as etiquette is concerned with this particular lifestyle I must say I take great care not to impose my interests on other people, but when I'm home, and on my own time I do enjoy indulging in certain activities associated with this "thing."

    I feel really good that I found this forum, so hopefully I can meet all of you and perhaps sometime in the future other folks will become accepting of our lifestyle and we can share openly, but in the meantime, I think baby steps are important (not another one) so live long and prosper and watch out for monsters under your bed!

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    Hello ThePoeticSkunk and welcome to the group.

    Very nice introduction.


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    That was an excellent introduction! Really got me interested in your personality. You seem to really have a good attitude about our shared interest (how's that for avoiding the "word").

    It's funny, but I felt the same way the first time I bought some - why didn't I do this a long time ago. Unlike you I haven't told anyone that I know personally, only the online community. So Cudos for telling your Mom. Do you have any other related child-like items you use? Let us know when it is safe to use specific words.

    See you around.

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    Welcome poeticskunk, from a fellow Minnesota native hope you enjoy your stay

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