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Thread: 2017 honda civic type r vs Focus RS????

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    Default 2017 honda civic type r vs Focus RS????

    Hey guys!!!! which one would you pick the honda civic type r? or the focus rs??? Also, or would you pick the base model honda civic hatch and fix the heck out of it to make it fly???? Awesome!!!

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    I dunno, Honda sounds like the win for reliability. If you want to mess with it and don't care about voiding the warranty, go for the base and have at it. If you want the best performance out of the box, go for the best specs you can get without mods. I got a Kia Forte Si Turbo and could not be happier, but then again, I have no plans to mod it. It has all the power I need and then some. If you have the need for speed, the Honda probably has the most options for aftermarket mods. Not sure which one works best with diapers?

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    I'd say the focus RS. Out of the box they are much faster. Depending on the country you live in, depends on how much you can mod it. If you are in North America, go with the Ford. Access to shelby, roush, SVT, and Saleen, all of which are ford partnered performance divisions that won't void warranty, you can make a focus fly cheaper and still hang onto warrenty VS buying a new car and voiding warrenty day one.

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    And the Focus isn't a grandad car like some civic's are

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    Quote Originally Posted by parcelboy2 View Post
    And the Focus isn't a grandad car like some civic's are

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    I may be biased for the Focus as I've owned about 20
    Current car is an 2009 1.8tdci Zetec r/h drive euro model In tonic blue 70k miles on clock
    Air con heated front and rear screen remote c/l CD player with factory blue tooth , and none of those crappy extra bits you have to have in the states that ruin the look

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    Having spent far too much time under Mrs. Maxx's Fuckus fixing things that shouldn't have failed.... I have to say Honda. The newer Fords may be more reliable, but I wouldn't bet on it.

    I'll also jump in with Granddad's (and Cyclist's) opinion. If you actually race on a closed course that's one thing. I love racing in all it's forms, whether human powered or otherwise. If you're just going to race stoplight to stoplight, annoy other motorists with your unpredictable antics and put pedestrians and cyclists at risk..... here's a virtual two-by-four upside the head to remind you that its rude and nobody is impressed.

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    Ford ???

    Fabrication Of Regular Defects

    But seriously, my experience about some cars of ford (diesel only) is very bad - I had two Escorts (very similar to some older Focus,) one had my ex and some cars in the job (Transit.) About Focus RS ? - I don't know. My friend had some older Civic and says it's very good car.

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    I would choose the ford, not just for its better power and its sorta "torque vectoring system", but also because it has a higher resale than the civic, and it has a more user friendly interface. Also, like wolfpack said, being in the us, you have access to multiple divisions of ford as well as some other third party companies, like Hennessey.
    Also, the argument about honda being more reliable is somewhat invalid. I have a 2001 focus, my buddy has a 2004 civic and his has been in the shop far more than mine has. It all boils down to how well you take care of your car.
    That all said, you can tell I'm a bit Ford biased. I do recognize the appeal of the Civic Type R, its a comparable car that has a very different and unique look to it. Either way you go, I'm sure they'll both be great for you despite their drawbacks.

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    If it was me and I wanted to race, I'd a Camero Z. It has 700 hp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    If it was me and I wanted to race, I'd a Camero Z. It has 700 hp.
    Depends on the sort of racing. Even straight line, though, horsepower to weight ratio is the important number. As a cyclist, you should be more aware of that than most. Early in my racing career, my cheap genes fought the urge for a new bike by reminding me "If 5 pounds is that important, lose 5 pounds". 2 years and 50 pounds later, the cheap genes waved the white flag. The next 5 pounds HAD to come from the bike.

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