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    I don't think I can remember when I was in the womb but I can remember being put in a crib at some point. I think when I go to bed I need to be soothed as a baby rather than a adult because I try an read and I get overstimulated and it stops me sleeping further.

    But I kept reading about how to sooth a baby to sleep and womb sounds come up, I ma not sure if I need to listen to it for 10 minutes or if I should keep it and wear earphones and keep my phone under my pillow, but I don't want to catch fire to my bed!

    What are your experiences with womb sounds? Does it sooth you or does it feel wierd and uncomfortable? Any specific ones you listen to?

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    I'd suggest getting an iPod or MP3 player and charging it before you go to bed and download what you want to listen to. That'll solve the fire hazard.

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    I know what you are talking about.

    One time when I was regressed and l had my head on my wife's chest and could hear her heart beat and I went so deep asleep. Even she was surprised because I usually can only lay that way for about 45 minutes until my "old Shoulder" brings me back to reality.

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    It would, but then you'd have to worry about it being charged for when you're out and about during the day.

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    I tried it and it was very relaxing, I fell asleep to it but I still took a long time to fall asleep as usual. I felt very small an di think I may have a vague memory of being in a womb. I couldn't shut my brain off too easily though.

    I am going to the doctors to get checked out as not sleeping is effecting my grades and my mood. I am dreading today as I proberly only had 7 hours sleep and I have a tutor who is proberly on my case because she has not been in for months. This is going to be horrible

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