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Thread: cheapest ordering site

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    Question cheapest ordering site

    What is the cheapest website for ordering the ab/dl diapers such as M4's and confi dry 24/7's?

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    Abena and Dry24/7 aren't AB/DL diapers, just good or "premium" diapers. If you're wanting AB/DL diapers, shop ABU. Bambino doesn't care about it's customers.

    But the cheapest site I've found for Abena is here:
    About $10 less per case of plastic M4s.

    Dry 24/7 is just gonna be sorta pricey everywhere. I think your only way to save on Dry24/7 imo, is to find a seller that does free discrete shipping.

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    thank you! i actaully ment to say non-ab/dl diapers but oh well

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