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    So back in the late 90's my first ever purchase of Adult Diapers i bought a case of Tender 2 Nights... I still have several packs left which i had forgotten about... so my question is do Diapers deteriorate with age?

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    Time weighs on everything but in my experience, diapers do pretty well over time if they're stored well. Out of direct light and with a relatively steady temperature and no undue moisture, they should still perform close to when they were fresh.

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    as long as they haven't sustained physical damage and haven't been exposed to moisture, you should be good, do use common sense though.

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    In 2010 I wet a Huggies from 1992 and it held up. So you will probably be fine.

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    I've noticed that some yellow with age in the absorbent part, even after less than ten years. They seem to do better in a sealed package.

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    I had some vintage diapers that the tapes lost adhesiveness.

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    Some diapers do actually have "use by" dates. I have some plastic-backed Abena M3s that have just reached their "expiry".

    I don't think it's too much to worry about. I imagine that it's mainly for hospitals, where there might be lots of infectious airborne viruses, moulds, etc. After a long period, the diapers could absorb moisture from the air and pick up moulds, etc. Even then, I think they're being overly-cautious.

    Stored correctly (i.e. normally), I think the risk would be extremely low.

    I had some old (~7 year old) Tender diapers. The tapes were really sticky -- it was almost impossible to unpeel them to put the diaper on. And then they wouldn't stick so well when I stuck them in place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by activefit View Post
    tender diapers was great,lucky you
    Was? Ah... I was just about to place an order for some. Have they changed, or don't they make them any more?

    I couldn't believe it when they changed the Kolibri Comslips earlier this year. They were amazing. The new ones don't bear any resemblance to the originals.

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    I've sold a lot of vintage diapers on eBay. There's a good market for them which makes me believe she doesn't ruin them.

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    Some newer diapers are made to decompose more easily (especially cloth like disposables). Their packaging is also not well sealed so they can absorb a little moisture over time, and also start breaking down prematurely. Not to mention, a use by date will get people to unnecessarily toss them out and buy more, thereby increasing company sales.

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