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Thread: If we had the ability to shrink

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    Default If we had the ability to shrink

    I was sitting here at my computer, looking at some adult diapers on Amazon when the thought came across: "If only I had the ability to shrink". Of course I'd only make use of the ability in private but think about that.

    Here's the specific, the ability is solely just to shrink in size, nothing about ability or movement changes, just a smaller version of you. You can walk, talk, manipulate things properly, you're just tiny.

    Personally, I'd use that ability to get small enough to fit into baby diapers, although I think about how small I'd want to be. Do I want to use size 1 diapers for the quantity and save money, or do I want to be big enough for something like size 4 so that I'm not so small that I have trouble doing some of my regular things while I'm shrunk down.

    *sigh* I love the hypothetical, but hate it at the same time.

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    Yeah, I always wondered what it would be like if we got the ability using nanites to reverse growth what that would be like.

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    This would be so awesome if I could shrink to size of maybe a 6 month old

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    I'd prefer to shrink down to fit into size six baby diapers. It would be nice to change your body size instantly.

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    It would be interesting to be able to wear all the baby, toddler, or young child clothing we dream about, especially the diapers. I would like to be able to wear about size 6 or 7 or around that size.

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    I'd be happy with just shrinking down to a more healthy/slimmer me!

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    I've always wanted to shrink down to the size of a toddler myself.

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    Shrinking (and mental age regression) has always been a fantasy of mine, as much as the diapers.

    At least the diapers I can live out...

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