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Thread: My pet peave is... (you just saw mine, The Grammar Corrector)

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    Default My pet peave is... (you just saw mine, The Grammar Corrector)

    Yes, I said Grammar Nazi, but that is a harsh word to use so I changed it to The Grammar/Grammer Corrector. SEE! I AM NOT EVEN SURE HOW TO SPELL IT! HA!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sprinkles View Post
    Mine is people who don't cover their mouth when they cough.
    Also people who don't wash their hands after leaving the bathroom.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sprinkles View Post
    Mine is people who don't cover their mouth when they cough.
    I got a nasty cold from an asshole at the doctor's office who was coughing up a lung without covering.

    My pet peave occurs when driving on a two lane boulevard, some ass passes you on the left, then pulls right in front of you, and then slows down to make a right hand turn.

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    I've got a real thing about pet peeves; can't stand 'em.

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    My pet peeve are those people who live in those planned neighborhoods with really narrow roads where each house has a driveway but they can't be bothered to use the driveway so they line both sides of a narrow single lane road with massive SUV's and then when you get to the end of the road that your car barely fits down because they don't use their damn driveways (Which are all empty) Someone who lives there is always just turning onto the street and expects you to backup all the way down the street you just traveled because they can't be bothered to do so them self.

    Also the coughing thing bugs the hell out of me as well.

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    My pete peeves are grammar nazi's, some get really irritating. I've had times where I've written a meaningful post, just to people contribute nothing to it, and end up correcting me constantly, hasn't happened on adisc, but gets really irritating.

    Half the reason I don't use Reddit, one missing comma, or spelling mistake, and it gets down voted to oblivion, so I often don't bother with websites other than facebook and adisc.

    Other pete peeve is hypocrites and manipulative people, I've had to deal with my fare share of those types of people, had many ruin my friendships etc.

    For example, (I've had similar things to this happen) went on Reddit posted a topic about horses, instead of it becoming about horses, It becomes about how stupid I am, and how I can't spell for shit, than they pick at every little spelling mistake I have, treat me like an idiot, and contribute nothing to the topic.

    It's gotten to the point, I would rather learn German, and speak in that.

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    My pet peeve is when some uneducated idiot comes on to a text based forum discussion and proceeds to thoroughly murder the English language. Now you're just wasting our time trying to decipher it. Seriously, don't you see those little red lines under your badly spelled words. That's auto correct, use it for F&@#S sake. And holy crap why doesn't anyone proofread their posts before clicking that post button.

    This said, I don't nit pick every last spelling mistake. Heck, even I make them sometimes- I am slightly dyslexic, and post on my phone after all.

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